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Fresh air. Sunshine. Exercise.

There are so many reasons to spend time in the outdoors. But what exactly are some of the benefits you can gain from participating in outdoor recreation? Research says that people who live near natural environments – and take advantage of that proximity through spending time outdoors – are often healthier and happier overall.

Physical: Whether you work out alone or in a group, by taking your workout outside the gym or home, you can find new or different fitness activities. Build different muscles, get your heart rate up and breathe in that fresh air.

Social: When you start doing some outdoor activities, you may find they are more fun with friends and family – and you may even make some new friends along the way! Hiking, kayaking and participating in sports can be fun for children and adults alike, so find something the whole family can do together.

Health: Spending time outside can help you get better sleep, according to some studies. You will sleep deeper and longer, and wake up more energetic and alert, ready to take on the day. Being outside has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your immune system so you don’t get sick as often (or stay sick as long).

Jacksonville’s outdoor activities

With access to beaches, state parks, wildlife preserves and more, Jacksonville is a great place to find an outdoor activity you want to do. With oceans, rivers and forests, there are so many places you can spend time in nature. You don’t even have to spend hours upon hours outside; you can find some of these benefits in shorter timespans outside. Some outdoor recreational activities you may find you love:

· Hiking

· Kayaking

· Fishing

· Paddleboarding

· Bike riding

· Running

Try out any number of outdoor activities and find the one that you love spending your time doing, so you can take advantage of any number of benefits of outdoor recreation in Jacksonville.

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