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Best Running Paths in Jacksonville

Are you a running, or an aspiring runner? You may be searching for a new home with a place nearby for you to enjoy your hobby or train for that next marathon. No matter if you’re running one mile or 20 on the weekends, a running path is a necessity for any runner. Jacksonville, Fla., is a great city for runners, because there are beaches and rivers to run along, as well as sidewalks, trails and parks. No matter where you run, there is sure to be a view and a breeze.

Downtown Riverwalk:

Along the St. Johns River is a path that is probably the most popular running path in the city. You can cross over pedestrian bridges and run all or part of the five-mile out-and-back route.

Beach Avenue:

If you want views of the ocean, shade and a breeze, this path is just over a 5K distance and is known for amazing sunrises. Head out early and enjoy the view, or take an afternoon jog with the shade from the homes lining the roads.

Hanna State Park:

If you plan to jump in the ocean after your run, this oceanfront state park is a great place to run.

Jacksonville Baldwin Trail:

With nearly 15 miles of trails, this converted railroad track offers cool, tree-covered paths for runners on a longer run. It’s a smooth trail, too, so no worries about tripping and falling as you go.

Guana River State Park:

Stay cool and enjoy the outdoors on your run. With nine miles of trails, this park offers marsh and waterway views through a maritime forest.

Timucuan Preserve:

If you’re looking for a trail run rather than a street run, head out to one of the toughest routes in the area. At the Theodore Roosevelt Area at the preserve, you’ll find elevations, rough terrain and a wooded six mile route.

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Jacksonville’s Florida State Parks Offer History, Nature and Culture

Florida is a state rich in history and culture, as well as nature and outdoor adventure. And within a small radius of Jacksonville, you can participate in all of this! Florida’s State Parks bring together history, nature and culture, where you can hike, learn, picnic, swim and more. Every park offers something a little different, so depending on the ages of your family or group and the activities you want to do, you may need to research each park on the Florida State Parks website to see what you can do at each.

For History

· Fort Clinch State Park: This park features the cannons and grounds of a Civil War fort, where visitors can learn about the life of a Union soldier at the time.

· Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park: Another Civil War site, this park is located near the St. Johns River and gave soldiers access to Florida from the coast.

For Nature

· Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park: Pine flatwoods at this park protest water, plants and animals, including the threatened American alligator and the endangered wood stork.

· Amelia Island State Park: With beaches, marshes and maritime forests, this park protests nesting birds and wildlife, including sea turtles.

· Big Talbot Island State Park: You can see various island habitats, and take in some bird watching activities while overlooking the water.

For Culture

· Fort George Island Cultural State Park: From Native Americans to colonists, you can learn about the history of the area at this park.

These are just a few of the parks in Florida, where you can learn, relax and enjoy time with friends or family. Bring out of town guests to learn about the history of the state, or take the kids on a weekend hike through some preserved land dedicated to protecting wildlife and plants local to the area. You may even want to consider an Annual Pass so you can visit more parks more often.

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In the northside area of Jacksonville, Cedar Bay is a growing neighborhood within easy driving distance to the beaches and downtown, as well as many of the state’s parks and wildlands.

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4 Family Bike Rides Near Jacksonville’s River Hollow Community

The number of bicyclists, who use their bikes to get to school, work or around town, has grown over the past 20 years. With nearly half of all trips out of the home within two miles, it can be easy to switch to a bike for some people. For others, their commute may not allow for it on a daily basis.

However, bicycling can be fun and is a healthy alternative to driving, especially if you aren’t going far or are just looking for a weekend activity for the family. Even if you only ride occasionally, bicycling allows you to get exercise, fresh air and spend time with your loved ones on family (or friend) rides. Here are four family-friendly bike rides with trails for all ages, skill levels and bicycle types to get you started:

Amelia Island Trail:

On the northeastern coast of Florida, this 5.7 mile long trail takes you along a paved, tree-lined route. You can view beaches, marshes and the maritime forests. Other activities you can participate in on Amelia Island are kayaking and horseback riding.

Baldwin Trail:

A 14 mile paved trail that is shaded by woodlands and curves through wetlands, this trail is sure to give your family some sightings of local wildlife. Get the kids excited about learning about hawks, turkeys, deer and rabbits as you go for a ride on this family-friendly trail.

Talbot Island: The nature trails on Big and Little Talbot Island offer plenty of views, from the coast to the forests. Be sure to take a camera because you may get a great holiday card picture of everyone enjoying the great outdoors!

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park:

If you’re looking for a bit more of an adventurous family bike ride, the trails at this park are for the mountain bikers! An oceanfront park with bumpy, wild trails through wooded paths are available for the more experienced in your group – but younger kids or newbies won’t have to feel left out, as there are several beginner trails too.

Aside from these four areas where there are dedicated recreational trails, you can take a ride around Jacksonville or even around your neighborhood. The Breeze Homes communities are biker-friendly, so your family and your children can enjoy biking around the neighborhood or to a friend’s house for the afternoon.

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Benefits of Outdoor Recreation in Jacksonville

Fresh air. Sunshine. Exercise.

There are so many reasons to spend time in the outdoors. But what exactly are some of the benefits you can gain from participating in outdoor recreation? Research says that people who live near natural environments – and take advantage of that proximity through spending time outdoors – are often healthier and happier overall.

Physical: Whether you work out alone or in a group, by taking your workout outside the gym or home, you can find new or different fitness activities. Build different muscles, get your heart rate up and breathe in that fresh air.

Social: When you start doing some outdoor activities, you may find they are more fun with friends and family – and you may even make some new friends along the way! Hiking, kayaking and participating in sports can be fun for children and adults alike, so find something the whole family can do together.

Health: Spending time outside can help you get better sleep, according to some studies. You will sleep deeper and longer, and wake up more energetic and alert, ready to take on the day. Being outside has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your immune system so you don’t get sick as often (or stay sick as long).

Jacksonville’s outdoor activities

With access to beaches, state parks, wildlife preserves and more, Jacksonville is a great place to find an outdoor activity you want to do. With oceans, rivers and forests, there are so many places you can spend time in nature. You don’t even have to spend hours upon hours outside; you can find some of these benefits in shorter timespans outside. Some outdoor recreational activities you may find you love:

· Hiking

· Kayaking

· Fishing

· Paddleboarding

· Bike riding

· Running

Try out any number of outdoor activities and find the one that you love spending your time doing, so you can take advantage of any number of benefits of outdoor recreation in Jacksonville.

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