Neighborhood Spotlight: Cedar Village

Neighborhood Spotlight: Cedar Village

Jacksonville’s large land area gives residents a variety of home and neighborhood options. Breeze Homes is happy to have beautiful communities nestled among Jacksonville’s diverse areas.

Cedar Village is a completed Breeze Homes community located in the Hillcrest area near Murray Hill with convenient access to Riverside and Downtown. Our homeowners love the contemporary and open design style of the 35 homes in the community.

Cedar Village offers affordable homes without compromising on the little touches, like stainless steel appliances, vinyl wood-plank flooring, and energy-efficient HVAC systems. Plus, the landscaped yards create an inviting exterior to welcome residents back home.

Explore the Cedar Village Area

The Cedar Village community is a great location to raise a family, retire or launch a career. With newer homes in an established community, homeowners enjoy the feeling of mature trees and a settled neighborhood with the benefits of new construction.

Hyde Park Elementary School is within a mile of the neighborhood. In addition, Lake Shore Middle School and Robert E. Lee High School are approximately two miles away. The area also has several private school options available.

Jacksonville offers other amenities, like top hospitals, senior living areas, parks, and branches of the public library throughout the city’s many communities.

Hillcrest is a suburban location with a diverse population and a welcoming atmosphere. Cedar Hill fits nicely into the community and mixes well with the traditional neighborhood homes.

Community Connection

The Jacksonville Beaches and Downtown Jacksonville are close to Murray Hill.  These areas all offer a variety of dining and entertainment options. Residents eat, play, and relax at the many local establishments.


No matter your palate’s preference, you’ll find an option to delight your taste buds near Cedar Village. Murray Hill is home to several iconic dining establishments.

  • Moon River Pizza – Known as the city’s best pizza joint
  • The Dreamette – The city’s oldest dessert shop
  • El Jefe – A top spot for Tex Mex
  • Murray Hillbilly – Offering innovative vegan and gluten-free dishes

Plus, the area includes many brewery and bar options for libations and entertainment.


Along with parks and trails, Cedar Village is within driving distance to countless entertainment options throughout the city.

  •  Family Fun – Bowling, Airsoft, Bee Friends Farm, and more
  • Recreation – Local parks with playgrounds, splash pads, and trails.
  • Beaches – Jacksonville borders the Atlantic Ocean just an easy drive away
  • Arts – Murry Hill Theatre, Jacksonville Symphony, street fairs, and crafts markets.

Find Your Jacksonville Dream Home

Breeze Homes believes homes should be accessible to all. That’s why we create cost-effective communities that include the new home options homebuyers want.

Your dream home doesn’t have to be out of reach. Get the open floor plans, landscaping with irrigation systems, smart home features, and modern design you desire. Plus, live in inviting and vibrant communities, like Cedar Village.

Breeze Homes is a local Jacksonville builder dedicated to bringing beautiful and affordable homes to Jacksonville communities. We’ll help you find the perfect home for your family. With our preferred lenders and streamlined process, we take the stress out of buying a home. 

Contact us today to schedule a visit to one of our Jacksonville area neighborhoods. 


Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

Spring is in the air! It’s time for spring cleaning and restoring curb appeal to your yard. Thankfully, yard work doesn’t have to be hard. With a little planning, your yard can look great without much fuss.

Whether you hire help or do it yourself, a clean and fresh yard adds curb appeal. Plus, you and your family will want to spend more time outside. Get your home ready for spring and summer.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters! The outside of your home leaves a first impression. For many communities, the homeowner’s association (HOA) has standards for yard maintenance. Keeping your exterior in top shape helps you avoid fines. Also, it’s considerate to your neighbors to keep a clean yard.

A beautiful yard and exterior also enhance your home’s value. An unsightly yard with weeds, uncut grass, and excess clutter hurts your property value. A beautiful yard is also nice to look at and makes coming home more pleasant. Invest the time and energy into yard maintenance for all the benefits it brings.

Spring Yard Work Checklist

Start with a simple checklist to prioritize the most important tasks. Many tasks only need to happen once in the spring. For others, like weeding and mowing, you need to continue weekly or bi-weekly care.

Lawn Care

It’s best to stay on top of lawn care. If your lawn dies from lack of water or fertilizing, it’ll cost more to replace or repair. Fertilize according to the instructions on the package. Depending on the type of fertilizer you use, the timeframe may vary. Only fertilize during the season when the lawn grows. 

To keep your lawn healthy, aerate annually. It’s best to aerate in the fall. If you didn’t, get it done in the spring. Don’t forget to mow regularly as the grass grows. Generally, most Florida lawns need mowing weekly during warmer months. 


The Florida climate allows plants to grow throughout the year. However, spring is the perfect time to refresh your flower garden and plant a vegetable garden. Flowers add curb appeal and brightness to your property. Select flowers or plants that grow well in the Northeast Florida climate.

Start your vegetable and herb gardens in the spring. Whether you have raised beds in the backyard or potted herbs and vegetables, you’ll add beauty and sustenance. Water the garden regularly and watch for weed growth.

Pruning and Landscaping Clean Up

Take the time to freshen up your landscaping. Prune trees and shape shrubs. Remove any dead limbs or growth. Replace missing mulch or ground cover. Also, remove any leftover dead growth from last year. A little time on clean-up will make your yard look fresh for the entire season. 

Repair or Replace Exterior Damage or Furniture

Do you have a loose shutter or broken front porch swing? Spring is a great time to fix those annoying items. Take a survey of your yard and address any problems. Repair damage to fences or gates, clean gutters, refresh outdoor furniture and powerwash dirty exterior walls.

Visit a Breeze Homes Community 

Are you looking for your dream home? Visit one of the many Breeze Homes communities. We strive to make homeownership achievable. We created a simple process to let you pick and finance the perfect home for your family. Contact us today to schedule a community visit. 



Jacksonville Spring Break Staycation Ideas

It’s spring break time! This year, destination spring breaks may still feel a little iffy. With COVID-19 restrictions varying by state, it’s hard to know what you’ll experience when you travel. That makes this year a great time for a staycation. Plus, Jacksonville is home to miles of beautiful beaches and countless entertainment options for all ages.

Why Plan a Staycation for Spring Break?

Staycations are a great choice to save money and avoid the hassle of travel restrictions. Also, staying local for spring break gives you a chance to explore your area during your time off. You don’t need to worry about cancellations or disappointment. Instead, you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your hometown.

The Benefits of a Staycation in Jacksonville

March isn’t warm in much of the country. Jacksonville’s beautiful weather makes it ideal for a spring break staycation! When you stay local, you support local businesses. Plus, you may find a new favorite restaurant or activity to enjoy throughout the year.

Staycations cost less than a vacation. With the money you’ll save, consider staying overnight in a hotel or vacation rental to give your family the feeling of being away from home. With so many fun options in Jacksonville, you can choose between an urban or beach experience.

Jacksonville is the largest city by area in the United States. You won’t run out of options for fun and adventure, including professional sports teams, the arts, family-friendly entertainment, and miles of beaches. Use this spring break as an opportunity to get to know your city better.


Top Jacksonville Staycation Ideas

Depending on your budget, family dynamic, and interests, you can create a unique itinerary for your spring break. Research and explore the diverse options offered in Jacksonville.


  • Hanna Park

Enjoy outdoor waterfront adventures. Hanna Park offers both ocean and freshwater fun, including fishing, kayaking, surfing, pedal boats, and more. You also can camp, picnic, bike, hike or, simply let the kids play.


  • Fort Caroline National Memorial

Our nation’s National Park system makes for great family fun. Sign your kids up for the Junior Ranger program. At Fort Caroline, you can learn about history, watch for dolphins or enjoy the many nature trails.


  • Tree Hill Nature Center

An off-the-beaten-path option, Tree Hill Nature Center offers an affordable natural environment to explore. Enjoy the museum, walk along the trails, see the butterfly garden, and more.


  • Day at the Beach

Jacksonville is home to miles of beautiful beaches. Whether you want to plan a day trip or rent beachfront lodging, a day at the beach is the perfect spring break option. Grab your beach umbrella and swimsuit and head to the shore!


  • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

People of all ages find adventure at the Jacksonville Zoo. See over 2,000 animal species and 1,000 plants. Plan to spend one day of your spring break exploring the zoo.

Breeze Homes – Your Jacksonville Homebase

At Breeze Homes, we offer a selection of communities throughout Jacksonville with a variety of floor plans to meet your needs. We help make homeownership a reality. Our goal is to create communities where people in all stages of life can make the dream of homeownership attainable.


Contact us today to schedule a community tour.


Refresh Your Open-Concept Design Plan for the New Year

Open concept design gained popularity in the 1990s and continues to dominate the residential design and new home construction market. Whether you’re remodeling your older home or simply reviving a newer home, the new year is a great time for a refresh.

What is Open-Concept Design?

Open-concept design incorporates an open floor plan for the main areas of the home, including the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The construction of the open area uses heavy support beams instead of interior load bearing walls.

Top Tips for Open-Concept Design

Designing an open-concept home requires a plan to create consistency and purpose in the space. While any design style works with open floor plans, it’s best to stick to one design vision. Otherwise, the space loses the coherent feel desired with an open-concept design.

Define Each Space

Most open-concept floor plans include a kitchen, dining, and living room area. While the kitchen is a set space, the other spaces usually have more flexibility. Add comfort and style to your home by defining each distinct space. 

Area rugs delineate open spaces. Add a rug under the dining room table and in the main floor space of the living room. Also, group furniture to create separate zones.

Select Complementary Colors and Textures

Color plays an essential role in home design. Work with harmonizing colors. Choose a color palette that enhances your style. Then, choose complementary colors for each space. A slight change in color for each area aids in defining the separate spaces.

Stick with textures that blend well together. For example, select curtains in complementary textures, colors, and style to create cohesion. Likewise, select rugs that aren’t the same in size and pattern, but match in style and texture. 

Choose Furnishings that Maximize Space and Function

As we mentioned, furniture grouping defines the space. You also want to choose furniture that fits your functional needs. If you have a family with seven people, don’t buy a table that sits only six. 

Be deliberate in your choices to create a home that brings comfort and ease to your life. Consider furniture with dual purposes, like an ottoman with storage. This maximizes the usefulness of your open floor plan.

The Benefits of Open Concept Design

The goal of open-concept floor plans is to create a feeling of expanded space. The rooms flow into each other for improved movement between each space. Plus, open floor plans let more natural light in because of the lack of interior walls.

Open floor plans are great for entertaining. You have a larger space for people to gather. For open-concept homes that open to a back patio or porch, you have even more space to work with.

Because of the popularity of open-concept design, you add value to your property and increase its resale desirability. Overall, open floor plan homes make a smart investment.

Breeze Helps Homebuyers Find the Best Floor Plan for Your Needs

At Breeze Homes, our floorplans include open-concept designs for optimal function and maximization of the space. We work with each new homebuyer to select the best floor plan for your budget and lifestyle. 

Contact us to plan a visit to one of our open-concept homes.


Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a New Home


Many people dream of owning a new home. Even in the face of the unprecedented challenges of 2020, you don’t need to wait to make that dream a reality. In fact, home feels more important now than ever.

Breeze Homes make home buying attainable whether it’s your first home or a move from your current home. As a local Jacksonville homebuilder, we’re invested in our local communities and helping our neighbors make their dreams come true. 

Benefits of Buying a New Home Now

Low Mortgage Interest Rates

Currently, mortgage interest rates are at near all-time lows. These low rates make home ownership a viable option for more people. When you combine the current low interest rates with our cost-effective approach to buying a home, it’s easier to find a price to meet your budget in one of our new home communities.

Rising Home Prices

Despite other challenges in the economy, home prices remain strong around the country. In addition, market indicators predict a continued rise in home prices. While this is good news for the housing market, buyers don’t benefit by waiting to purchase. In fact, waiting to buy a new home will likely cost more in future years.

Low Market Inventory

Like with low interest rates, housing inventory rates continue to reach record lows. Especially in the mid-range or more attainable housing price ranges, supply is limited. Now is a great time to sell a home. If you currently own your home, it’s likely to sell quickly and for a strong price. This is wonderful news if you desire to purchase a new home but need to sell your existing home first.

Rising Rental Rates

In response to the low housing supply, rental rates have increased in recent years. If you’re currently renting, you can expect your monthly rent to go up over the next few years. When you own a home, you gain equity as the home appreciates. Instead of throwing money away each month, you build wealth with homeownership.

Peace of Mind

Take away the uncertainty about where you’ll live. People who rent typically move more than people who own their homes. When you own, you have peace of mind that you control when you move. You don’t have to deal with the changing owners or management companies of a rental. Instead, you determine your future. 

The Importance of Home

With the ever-changing restrictions and regulations due to the pandemic, most people are spending more time at home. With increased numbers of people working from home while children do on-line learning, you need space for your family to function. Families need to work, learn and play all at home. It’s more important than ever to have a home you love.

Make a Move Today

Don’t let fear keep you from purchasing a new home. We work with homebuyers to simplify the homebuying process. We take the stress out of buying a home by eliminating common issues, like high closing costs, large down payments and long wait times to move in. 

Contact Breeze Homes today to make your dream of owning a new home a reality.