Open concept design gained popularity in the 1990s and continues to dominate the residential design and new home construction market. Whether you’re remodeling your older home or simply reviving a newer home, the new year is a great time for a refresh.

What is Open-Concept Design?

Open-concept design incorporates an open floor plan for the main areas of the home, including the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The construction of the open area uses heavy support beams instead of interior load bearing walls.

Top Tips for Open-Concept Design

Designing an open-concept home requires a plan to create consistency and purpose in the space. While any design style works with open floor plans, it’s best to stick to one design vision. Otherwise, the space loses the coherent feel desired with an open-concept design.

Define Each Space

Most open-concept floor plans include a kitchen, dining, and living room area. While the kitchen is a set space, the other spaces usually have more flexibility. Add comfort and style to your home by defining each distinct space. 

Area rugs delineate open spaces. Add a rug under the dining room table and in the main floor space of the living room. Also, group furniture to create separate zones.

Select Complementary Colors and Textures

Color plays an essential role in home design. Work with harmonizing colors. Choose a color palette that enhances your style. Then, choose complementary colors for each space. A slight change in color for each area aids in defining the separate spaces.

Stick with textures that blend well together. For example, select curtains in complementary textures, colors, and style to create cohesion. Likewise, select rugs that aren’t the same in size and pattern, but match in style and texture. 

Choose Furnishings that Maximize Space and Function

As we mentioned, furniture grouping defines the space. You also want to choose furniture that fits your functional needs. If you have a family with seven people, don’t buy a table that sits only six. 

Be deliberate in your choices to create a home that brings comfort and ease to your life. Consider furniture with dual purposes, like an ottoman with storage. This maximizes the usefulness of your open floor plan.

The Benefits of Open Concept Design

The goal of open-concept floor plans is to create a feeling of expanded space. The rooms flow into each other for improved movement between each space. Plus, open floor plans let more natural light in because of the lack of interior walls.

Open floor plans are great for entertaining. You have a larger space for people to gather. For open-concept homes that open to a back patio or porch, you have even more space to work with.

Because of the popularity of open-concept design, you add value to your property and increase its resale desirability. Overall, open floor plan homes make a smart investment.

Breeze Helps Homebuyers Find the Best Floor Plan for Your Needs

At Breeze Homes, our floorplans include open-concept designs for optimal function and maximization of the space. We work with each new homebuyer to select the best floor plan for your budget and lifestyle. 

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