Spruce Up Your Yard for Spring

Spring is in the air! It’s time for spring cleaning and restoring curb appeal to your yard. Thankfully, yard work doesn’t have to be hard. With a little planning, your yard can look great without much fuss.

Whether you hire help or do it yourself, a clean and fresh yard adds curb appeal. Plus, you and your family will want to spend more time outside. Get your home ready for spring and summer.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters! The outside of your home leaves a first impression. For many communities, the homeowner’s association (HOA) has standards for yard maintenance. Keeping your exterior in top shape helps you avoid fines. Also, it’s considerate to your neighbors to keep a clean yard.

A beautiful yard and exterior also enhance your home’s value. An unsightly yard with weeds, uncut grass, and excess clutter hurts your property value. A beautiful yard is also nice to look at and makes coming home more pleasant. Invest the time and energy into yard maintenance for all the benefits it brings.

Spring Yard Work Checklist

Start with a simple checklist to prioritize the most important tasks. Many tasks only need to happen once in the spring. For others, like weeding and mowing, you need to continue weekly or bi-weekly care.

Lawn Care

It’s best to stay on top of lawn care. If your lawn dies from lack of water or fertilizing, it’ll cost more to replace or repair. Fertilize according to the instructions on the package. Depending on the type of fertilizer you use, the timeframe may vary. Only fertilize during the season when the lawn grows. 

To keep your lawn healthy, aerate annually. It’s best to aerate in the fall. If you didn’t, get it done in the spring. Don’t forget to mow regularly as the grass grows. Generally, most Florida lawns need mowing weekly during warmer months. 


The Florida climate allows plants to grow throughout the year. However, spring is the perfect time to refresh your flower garden and plant a vegetable garden. Flowers add curb appeal and brightness to your property. Select flowers or plants that grow well in the Northeast Florida climate.

Start your vegetable and herb gardens in the spring. Whether you have raised beds in the backyard or potted herbs and vegetables, you’ll add beauty and sustenance. Water the garden regularly and watch for weed growth.

Pruning and Landscaping Clean Up

Take the time to freshen up your landscaping. Prune trees and shape shrubs. Remove any dead limbs or growth. Replace missing mulch or ground cover. Also, remove any leftover dead growth from last year. A little time on clean-up will make your yard look fresh for the entire season. 

Repair or Replace Exterior Damage or Furniture

Do you have a loose shutter or broken front porch swing? Spring is a great time to fix those annoying items. Take a survey of your yard and address any problems. Repair damage to fences or gates, clean gutters, refresh outdoor furniture and powerwash dirty exterior walls.

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