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Jacksonville’s Florida State Parks Offer History, Nature and Culture

Florida is a state rich in history and culture, as well as nature and outdoor adventure. And within a small radius of Jacksonville, you can participate in all of this! Florida’s State Parks bring together history, nature and culture, where you can hike, learn, picnic, swim and more. Every park offers something a little different, so depending on the ages of your family or group and the activities you want to do, you may need to research each park on the Florida State Parks website to see what you can do at each.

For History

· Fort Clinch State Park: This park features the cannons and grounds of a Civil War fort, where visitors can learn about the life of a Union soldier at the time.

· Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park: Another Civil War site, this park is located near the St. Johns River and gave soldiers access to Florida from the coast.

For Nature

· Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park: Pine flatwoods at this park protest water, plants and animals, including the threatened American alligator and the endangered wood stork.

· Amelia Island State Park: With beaches, marshes and maritime forests, this park protests nesting birds and wildlife, including sea turtles.

· Big Talbot Island State Park: You can see various island habitats, and take in some bird watching activities while overlooking the water.

For Culture

· Fort George Island Cultural State Park: From Native Americans to colonists, you can learn about the history of the area at this park.

These are just a few of the parks in Florida, where you can learn, relax and enjoy time with friends or family. Bring out of town guests to learn about the history of the state, or take the kids on a weekend hike through some preserved land dedicated to protecting wildlife and plants local to the area. You may even want to consider an Annual Pass so you can visit more parks more often.

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