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Moving into a new home is exciting. Yet, it is also stressful! Planning is key to your success. Take the stress out of your move with our few tips to simply moving.

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How to Simplify Your Move

Tip 1 – Create a Timeline for the Move

Start by getting organized. Buying a home means lots of moving parts. You must manage the closing, mortgage requirements, and more. All while trying to move your belonging into your new home.

Create a checklist with deadlines for each task. Include the smallest details, like changing your address with the post office. Assign a specific person to complete each task. Break the timeline out into monthly to-dos. This helps keep things manageable and avoids tasks falling through the cracks.

Tip 2 – Declutter Before You Pack

Why move unwanted clutter to a new home? Before you start packing, go through each item in your home and decide if it adds value to your life. This may sound tedious, but it’ll save you time and energy when you unpack at your new home.

Break down your current home into sections. Clear out each section. Make separate piles for items to pack, sell, trash, or donate. If you aren’t going to use an old or broken piece of furniture, don’t waste your effort bringing it to your new house. Instead, get rid of it ahead of time.

Tip 3 – Hire the Right Moving Company

Yes, moving companies cost money. But, so does a back injury. Invest in a quality moving company to transport your belongings to your new home. Do your research to ensure the moving company has a good reputation.

Also, check that the moving company is insured. Ask if they are responsible for any damages incurred by them during the moving process. Know what to expect before moving day.

Tip 4 – Take a Room-by-Room Inventory

Record what you plan to move. If you cleared out clutter earlier, this will be easier to accomplish. Take pictures of large or valuable items. Write down the number of boxes. Also, track the furniture and other items the movers will transport.

Tip 5 – Take Advantage of Technology with Moving Apps

Technology makes moving easier than ever before. Find the right app for you. Select from a wide variety of different moving apps. These useful tools help you coordinate and track all aspects of your move.

Tip 6 – Pack a Separate Bag for Your First Few Days

Even if you’re just moving across town, it takes a few days to get settled in a new home. Pack an overnight bag for each member of your household. Include clothes and toiletries for the first few days.

Moving is exhausting. You don’t want to fish through boxes to find your toothbrush. Plus, unpack systematically so you can organize your new home efficiently.

Make Moving a Breeze!

Breeze Homes empowers you to make a move. Our easy home buying process takes the stress out of buying a home. Contact us today to schedule a visit to one of our Florida communities.